Yes, let as walk into on room and you'll hanging out with us all, with talking "a bit" about OpenMoko/Neo1973 :)))) - Re: Sean, do you need a table in Brussel for the FOSDEM 2007? ; ) Re: Neo1973 device description and picture for xoo.

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 18:14:58 CET 2007

Salve Sean!

Sean Moss-Pultz schrieb am Dienstag, den 23. Januar 2007 um 00:41h:

> On 1/22/07 9:07 PM, "Robert Michel" <openmoko at> wrote:
> > But Sean, when you are at the FOSDEM, do you need a table in BXL?
> > Look:
> > Many "Open..." there, but OpenMoko is still missing. When it belongs
> > to a missing table, I could bring one with me from Aachen.
> I'm probably just going to be walking around and hanging out with you all.
> But _really_ thanks for the offer!

It mustn't be a perfect presentation with nice slides like in Amsterdam - 
at the FOSDEM you will be able to show us OpenMoko/Neo1973 live.  :)))))

Hey you've said "we are comming" so when you are comming to hanging out
and have some fun someone else could tell some storries of your project
and show what it is possible now - and talk with us what'll be possible
in the futur.

Because of A-GPS I nearly can't wait to walking around with a Neo1973
- which api will be usable to script some funny things with it?

But beside walking around and hanging out with us (It seems the offerd
beers have already made you weary and to relaxed), beleave me - at last
when you be asked for the third (or 1 hundred times) in BXL
- "Why does it have no Wifi?"
or some other things that nearly everybody is interested in you will 
whish to go into one room with us and answer this only once for all.

and think that your words/presentation would be accesible for everybody
- aren't you proud to show the fist Neo1973 running? Maybe with the help
of freeNX very big on a wall with a beamer?

Hey guys, now you see the snafu - you promised Sean the beers to early 
- now  he fears to get drunk hardly on Friday so he will not promisee 
to give a presentation the days after.... :((

My offered cake (I alread thought to make it in the style of a Neo1973)
haven't work....

Maby this helps: Can somebody from sweden bring a bottle like on page 29
to the FOSDEM to motivate Seam to give a speach¹?

@Sean "Speach, speach, speach...

¹other word for presentation ;)


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