Need for a clusterd megaphone via Bluetooth....

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Jan 22 18:34:36 CET 2007


I need some help - it is realy a pitty that Sean
will not speach on a stage at the FOSDEM 2007

"I'm probably just going to be walking around and hanging out with you

But when he'll bring some or many Neo1973 with him, a
software solution could help that everyone will
hear his smaller and bigger stories about OpenMoko
and the Neo1973:

Because the Neo1973 will have 
- Bluetooth free radio connections, yeahaa!!
- a mic
- two 1 watt loud speaker
- AGPS for getting the accurate time

Someone could programm a clusterd megaphone - the
Neo1973 at Seans neck will be the master broadcater
- his mic will be on and the stream will be broadcasted
via Bluetooth.
All others Neo1973 will be relays and loudspeaker 
- the AGPS will help to syncronice the audio output

Ok maybe with 1 ore more relays the delay will become
to long - than the will be the audio output inside a
room (with the help of AGPS) allows only direct receiving
from Seans Neo.....

24 Neo1973 would gave 24x2x1Watt=48 Watt cluster blaster.

For the party in the night - we could syncronice our Neo1973
to play the same simultanious (on miliseconds accurate - thanks
to AGPS) and to make some fun - 12 of us could be the group for
right - the 12 others be the left
- or ths cluster blaster would automaticaly organise the best

For corner sectioning 
lll     rrrr 
l       rrr

rrr     lll
rr     lll

If someone from the upper right goes to the upper left his
audio output would swith form r to l automaticaly.

So no need to rent a PA for a party anymore, when enough
people with OpenMoko/Neo1973 are invited :)))))


PS: Sean - even without a speach or Neo1973s it would be 
    a plesure to meet you in BXL - no fear that I/we would
    expect to much - it is nice that you will come :)

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