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I've reorganized the wiki entry and tried to add everything I could
find. Feel free to add more!


On 1/22/07, tony <tony at> wrote:
> Kent Karlsson wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > What do you guys think about creating a nice lib which makes it easy for
> > games to support different multiplayer modes?
> >
> > Live connection over Bluetooth and/or GPRS (Perhaps mixed). Play by mail
> > over email or sms. It would be awesome if we could switch between the
> > modes as well for games where it makes sense.
> >
> > I realize that it won't be hard for any game to add the support, but
> > keeping friends list and creating everything on a per-game basis is just
> > plain unnecessary.
> >
> > -- kent
> >
> Now *that's* an interesting idea: a messaging layer that defaults to
> bluetooth, but can use either GPRS (for more-or-less real-time games) or
> SMS (for non-real-time games, like chess).
> In the instance of chess, it'd be like playing by mail, only faster. You
> wouldn't rely on GPRS, so your phone isn't tied up. That would limit the
> number of moves you get for free for some people (my plan doesn't have
> unlimited SMS, for instance), but it'd still be nice. Also, using SMS,
> the message has a certain amount of assurance it will arrive.
> I think this sort of framework would be invaluable, especially if you
> have, as you mention, a "friends list." Automate the sharing of high
> scores amount your group, that sort of thing.
> I like it. I like it a lot.
>                                 - Tony
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