built-in scripting languages

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 22 20:04:21 CET 2007

There are already (I assume) at least two very powerful scripting 
languages on the OpenMoko.

The first is sh in whatever variant they decide to include.  I've used 
sh to write CGI scripts on a couple of deeply embedded web servers; 
you'd be surprised how much can be done with just boa+busybox.

The other is javascript, which I assume will be included with the web 
browser.   Javascript is a very powerful modern scripting language (it 
has closures and other cool stuff that python is only now getting). 
Javascript gets lots of bad press because the APIs that browsers provide 
are often awful and incompatible, but the core Javascript language is 
very nice.

Since a javascript interpreter is going to be provided as part of the 
stock build, perhaps it would be nice to allow it to be used outside of 
its browser sandbox?

The power of Perl & Python lies not in the language itself; the power is 
the huge standard libraries as well as external libraries available.  On 
an embedded platform, these cannot be necessarily counted on.


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