GNU discussion (was re:Free your phone)

Dave Crossland dave at
Mon Jan 22 21:39:44 CET 2007

On 22/01/07, MR <mrintegrity at> wrote:
> I just joined the mailing list but if the point of this thread is
> about whether the manual/box/website for openmoko should refer to it
> using Linux or GNU/Linux then I am 100% whole heartedly behind
> GNU/Linux.

That's originally what this thead was about, yes. It's not clear which
term FIC will adopt for their release at this point.

But they did say that they will promote "OpenMoko" more than anything
else as the name for the system, probably for the reasons you cited

> If there were the possibility of replacing the kernel with say a cut
> down bsd kernel (just an example) but keeping all the GNU tools

There is this possibility: and :-)


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