built-in scripting languages

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Mon Jan 22 21:42:24 CET 2007

* Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at kostyrka.org> [070122 21:30]:
> * Derek Pressnall <dpressnall at gmail.com> [070122 19:40]:
> > Seeing as how there has been interest in including an interpreted
> > language with the default software install (such as Python or Perl,
> > etc.), and the fact that they are too big to fit in the built-in
> > flash, I would like to offer up an alternative.
> Technically speaking, Python is not that big. A huge non-optimized
Ok, without optimizing much, just packaging it up a little bit, I've
managed to minimize python2.5 (supercomplete set) to less than 10MB.

If anyone is interested, I can try to build an even smaller version of
python that is useful.

I'd second also the idea to make the embedded JavaScript available for
scripting, which would be a nice language too.


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