built-in scripting languages

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net
Mon Jan 22 23:28:41 CET 2007

Ted Lemon writes:
>So in order to agree with this, we nevertheless have to talk about  
>the problem: how do we ensure that if an end-user wants to run an app  
>written in python, and another written in ruby, and a third written  
>in python, that they get exactly two interpreters installed on their  
>Neo, and not three?

This is a solved problem.  It's my understanding (based on earlier
posts to this list) that openmoko will have ipkg, which does package
management and dependency tracking.  So when you put your first python
application on, ipkg will conclude you need python.  When you put your
second on, it will conclude you've alrady got python.

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