built-in scripting languages

Corey corey at bitworthy.net
Mon Jan 22 23:47:59 CET 2007

On Monday 22 January 2007 15:33, Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik wrote:
> Let me rephrase then. Have it defined as a standard-optional component that
> can be used. But isn't installed by default. Won't ipkg have dependency
> resolution etc?

Yes, so the dependency aspect will likely be a non-issue; hopefully!

> So have official/unofficial packages that handle the major scripting
> languages. That way it's possible to have any scripting language used.

Definitely an adequate situation, as far as I can see; and additionally
appears to be the model that the OpenMoko folks have perhaps already
decided upon, seeing how there is currently no mention of a scripting 
interpreter in the platform specification.

The only potential downfall may be that everyone ends up with quite a
few interpreters on their poor little phones... python, ruby, rhino,
lua, perl, etc, etc..

... which of course may just end up happening anyhow, even should there
be a standard default scripting environment defined on the platform.

At any rate, I sure fear the sort of language war that could develop if a
particular scripting language was to be selected! As far as I'm personally
concerned though, I'd end up using whatever that choice happened to be,
but many others a likely to have a much less relaxed attitude on the matter.

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