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Declan Naughton piratepenguin at
Tue Jan 23 00:02:35 CET 2007

Let's just call it GNU/Linux and be done with it.

On 1/22/07, David Schlesinger <David.Schlesinger at> wrote:
> > Feel entirely free to call it "GNU/Linux", "Bob/Linux", "Jim/Linux" or
>  > whatever you like, okay. But _please_ stop proselytizing.
>  >Dude, why so prickly? I am not sure why this discussion is making you
>  >so agitated..? We are having a discussion, and if you want it to stop,
>  >just... stop? :-)
>  I'm not agitated, I simply (as do others) view this whole discussion as
> off-topic, divisive, unproductive and out-of-place here. Why on _this_ list?
>  Surely, you'd have more impact with your crusade if you went and pestered
> the Ubuntu folks to make _their_ site say "_GNU_/Linux for Human Beings."
> Not to mention getting the SuSe folks to change their product name to "SuSE
> _GNU_/Linux", and the Red Hat folks to change _theirs_ to "Red Hat
> _GNU_/Linux", and the Mandriva folks, and the Knoppix folks, and the Gentoo
> folks, etc., etc., etc.
>  There have been literally dozens of messages on these threads, the
> plurality of 'em from you, and after the first half-dozen or so, there's
> been nothing new to say.
>  >Does the popularity of an error makes it the truth?
>  It sure makes it not worth clogging up an unrelated mailing list with
> endless messages about it. Is there other misinformation you're going to
> feel impelled to "correct" us on? Why don't you invest in finding a better
> PR agency for the FSF instead?
>  (The fact is that the "principal designer" of the "GNU system" hasn't
> managed to get an actual working _system_ worth talking about put together
> so far, and no change in sight, in spite of having had since 1983 to work on
> it. The kernel isn't even "GNU" development, it was lifted pretty much
> wholesale from CMU's work on Mach, simply relicensed under GPL and
> re-christened "GNU Mach". So Avie Tevanian and the guys from CMU clearly
> deserve credit: the putative OS should be the "GNU/Mach System" in order to
> give credit to its "principal designers"...)
>  >I would want to suggest that in fact Australians speak English, and to
>  >discuss the history and origin of Australia.
>  And it would be just as off-topic if you were discussing the history and
> origins of Australia on this mailing list as it is for you to be insisting
> that folks refer free software _your_ way here...
>  >Now now, you are sailing close to Godwin's law :-)
>  Apparently, you've never met an actual cell phone customer. Your
> sales-droid would have lost them a third of the way into the second
> sentence. Remember: by definition, half of the folks out there are of below
> average intelligence. They still buy cell phones.
>  You should drop this, and stick to the subject matter of the mailing list:
> the FIC phone and the OpenMoko platform. As others have pointed out, you're
> reducing the signal-to-noise ratio with this.
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