built-in scripting languages

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Tue Jan 23 00:07:26 CET 2007

>> So have official/unofficial packages that handle the major scripting
>> languages. That way it's possible to have any scripting language used.
> The only potential downfall may be that everyone ends up with quite a
> few interpreters on their poor little phones... python, ruby, rhino,
> lua, perl, etc, etc..

That's all well and good when everyone has SPACE for every scripting 
language known to man.  But use 10mb here, 10mb there for scripting 
languages, and suddenly there's nothing left of my 64mb of flash. 

I'm all for allowing people to use whatever scripting language they 
want.  But I'd like the peace of mind of knowing I can write a scripted 
app that will run on every OpenMoko phone out there, even if they have 
no memory expansion card.  I don't want the situation where the poor 
user has to unload someone else's app and scripting environment in order 
to use mine, or vice versa. 

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