GNU discussion (was re:Free your phone)

David Ford david at
Tue Jan 23 04:02:10 CET 2007

Dave Crossland wrote:
>> I get it, okay? I disagree. Telling me that "GNU" is a "principal
>> developer" doesn't make it so and opinions clearly vary here.
>> So, why don't you let those of use who choose to use a more commonly
>> accepted, no less accurate, and more generally understood name simply do
>> so?
> Does the popularity of an error makes it the truth?

Apparently, since we feel that is what you're espousing.

And in regards to the kernel vs os theory, Linus himself takes to 
calling the entire system as Linux.  Since he's the one that started 
this whole tree and everyone chose to toss their software underneath his 
kernel, I'm inclined to say that he and I have matching naming for this 
set of software.  I'd say I'm tickled pink, but i'm not.

So if Linus calls it Linux, where is the error?  It seems to largely be 
more of just a matter of pedantic opinion based on a conceived notion 
for a given point in time.

Notions change and the times have changed.


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