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Carlo E. Prelz fluido at fluido.as
Tue Jan 23 07:48:37 CET 2007

	Subject: Re: built-in scripting languages
	Date: lun 22 gen 07 04:07:26 -0700

Quoting Ben Burdette (bburdette at comcast.net):

> I'm all for allowing people to use whatever scripting language they 
> want.  But I'd like the peace of mind of knowing I can write a scripted 
> app that will run on every OpenMoko phone out there, even if they have 
> no memory expansion card.  I don't want the situation where the poor 
> user has to unload someone else's app and scripting environment in order 
> to use mine, or vice versa. 

Many early adopters will happen to be programmers. This is not the
case of using a scripting language via given software, but of rolling
one's own scripts. I am a rubyist, and I will not learn python only to
write scripts on my telephone. If python were to be included, I'd
have to remove it each time I update the main installation in order to
put Ruby in. 

I have a suggestion: a do-it-yourself main distribution packaging site
from FIC, where you can choose selected alternative components, and
receive as a result your own personalized 64MB. 

Then, naturally, I will have to see if it is acceptable for me not to
use all those applications that require those scripting languages for
which there is no space on my main memory.

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