Idea: (Networked) media player

Marco Lohse mlohse at
Tue Jan 23 09:18:30 CET 2007

(I just learned about OpenMOKO today. I am new to this list and just
browsed the archive a little. So, please, forgive me, if I am asking
frequently asked questions ;)

Hi all,

I am one of the developers of NMM (Network-Integrated Multimedia
Middleware ). In short, NMM offers a
new approach for developing distributed multimedia applications,
including streaming but also remote control of all devices within the
network. For example, a mobile phone can control a TV receiver, or even
receive a (transcoded) audio/video stream from the home network.
Furthermore, media playback can also be handed over seamlessly between a
mobile device and a stationary system, such as a hifi system. Finally,
media streams can be presented synchronously on different devices. NMM
runs on Linux, different Unixes, and Windows, on different platforms,
ranging from embedded systems, to PCs, to large-scale computing clusters.

The NMM group (and also the associated company Motama is highly interested in starting to port NMM to
the OpenMOKO platform. As first step, a simple media player would be
interesting. As further steps, we would like to enable all advanced
features of NMM.

So, we have a number of questions that we would be happy if you could
comment on:

1) Is it possible to get a device for evaluation now?

2) What is already planned in regards to multimedia, streaming, control,

3) What kind of networking interfaces will be available with the first
revision? When will WLAN be available?

4) Porting support: Will the platform be a "full-featured" Linux
platform, e.g. regarding C++ support?

Thank you!

Have fun,

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