an idea: GPS blog?

Richard Franks spontificus at
Tue Jan 23 14:16:39 CET 2007

On 1/23/07, Oleg L. Sverdlov <oleg at> wrote:
> Videoblogging has its niche, but how about a small application that
> remembers where you've been during a day , and how long; and then visualizes
> everything in form of nice coloured curves, and publishes to your blog?

I'm definitely looking forward to something like this. What I'd find
useful is something which uploads the GPS traces to my home machine
database, then makes that data available to other sources through
access control.

1) So I can select an area downtown, and see my most (or least)
favourite places or travelled routes through it for the time period of
my choice.
2) If I'm going to a planned meeting with a Neo-Owning-Friend (NOF?),
the Neo could check my agenda and automatically enable
Location-Sharing until we find each other.

Actually, as there are a bunch of GPS Google API mashups out there
already - if the Neo can run Google Maps then it will be quite easy to
integrate access control, editing, uploading (to
home/openstreetmap/etc), quering home machine DB, all into the same


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