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Oleg L. Sverdlov oleg at
Tue Jan 23 14:31:21 CET 2007

Speaking about _useful_ solutions, I'd like to see user-submitted map of 
speed cameras.

Like when the phone is in car-cradle, then half of the screen transforms 
in one big button. You see a camera, you tap on screen. When the car is 
waiting on red light, the phone uploads data to a server and downloads 
updated and processed information about cameras locations.

Next time you're approaching a camera, the phone will play alarm sound.


Richard Franks wrote:

> On 1/23/07, Oleg L. Sverdlov  wrote:
>> Videoblogging has its niche, but how about a small application that
>> remembers where you've been during a day , and how long; and then visualizes
>> everything in form of nice coloured curves, and publishes to your blog?
> I'm definitely looking forward to something like this. What I'd find
> useful is something which uploads the GPS traces to my home machine
> database, then makes that data available to other sources through
> access control.
> 1) So I can select an area downtown, and see my most (or least)
> favourite places or travelled routes through it for the time period of
> my choice.
> 2) If I'm going to a planned meeting with a Neo-Owning-Friend (NOF?),
> the Neo could check my agenda and automatically enable
> Location-Sharing until we find each other.
> Actually, as there are a bunch of GPS Google API mashups out there
> already - if the Neo can run Google Maps then it will be quite easy to
> integrate access control, editing, uploading (to
> home/openstreetmap/etc), quering home machine DB, all into the same
> webapp.
> Richard

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