an idea: GPS blog?

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Yep, do a google on and you'll see an example in the
asterisk community of distributed information being shared.

Just wondering if people here are planning on shared apps like this or
has the realization hit that some of the best apps are going to have to
be delivered on a price per month basis.

I haven't discussed it here yet as lets face it until we have hardware
and a development platform the point is moot.



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On 1/23/07, Dean Collins <Dean at> wrote:
> The big problem with a lot of these applications being suggested is it
> require back end servers to store the data.
> I'm yet to see anyone suggest "SAAS" pricing models for FIC
applications on
> a monthly/annual basis or is everyone on this list still thinking that
> source means free.

I'm not discounting this, but I'll be opening up a port or two on my
firewall first - most home-use router/gateway boxes support port
forwarding quite easily now - and with something like xampp, even most
windows-based folks can set up a database server on their home machine
quite easily too.

To connect the 'home-servers' together, you could use dynamic dns or a
centralised server which takes a known OpenMoko-ID and spits back the
current IP/Port and/or operational status.


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