an idea: GPS blog?

Oliver Heesakkers openmoko at
Tue Jan 23 15:36:20 CET 2007

Op dinsdag 23 januari 2007 14:55, schreef Dean Collins:
> The big problem with a lot of these applications being suggested is it
> will require back end servers to store the data.
> I'm yet to see anyone suggest "SAAS" pricing models for FIC applications
> on a monthly/annual basis or is everyone on this list still thinking
> that open source means free.

I think most of us are thinking about home-servers. I wrote a simple 
php-script on my server that takes the arguments (GPS-coordinates) of a 
GET-request and puts those in my postgreSQL-database.

Then another, equally simple, php-script pulls those coordinates out of the 
database and shows them graphically on a jpg/png of my choosing for anyone to 
Optionally you could use the Google Maps API.

All of this is should be do-able on anything starting from a virtual hosting 
account, even storing the data in a database is optional, just use a 

I've tested this setup by sending FlightGear's nmea-output through a 
bash-script to the input.php and it works beautifully!

All I need now is a small application on my mobile to make the HTTP 
GET-request like
unfortunately, my programming skills are limited to the most basic php and 


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