Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Jan 23 16:10:51 CET 2007

Salve Richard!

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007, Richard Franks wrote:

> Will we have something like this? Do we want something like this?
> It could be useful for contact-sharing, authentication,

I would like see a decentralized system that also works
offline - when I meet a person I'd like to give him a key
that allows him to contact me via
- telefon
- email
- jabber
- sftp
- ssh
so one dns adress like
or self organized:

And I like to choose idividuall login adresses for different users
so that no eveal software could grab all IDs and analyse the social

> access to
> services on the OpenMoko site, keeping track of gaming friends,
> referencing file/data resources on the users home 'or otherwise'
> machine etc.

OpenMoko could support personal networking, but I like to see it
that it is not centralized via - I like to see to
encourage people to have full control about their personal contacts.


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