keyboard, please!

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Tue Jan 23 17:53:34 CET 2007

quixote writes:
>I'm a (future) user, and this phone is what I've been waiting for in so 
>many ways.  Except one.  No option to buy one with a qwerty keyboard. 
>Please, please, please re-think that.  I have to do a lot of writing and 
>emailing while away from my main computer, and the lack of a keyboard is 
>a showstopper for me.  I remember seeing one earlier comment on the same 
>topic from someone who does a lot of text messaging.  A *lot* of people 
>are using phones as stand-ins for computers, and a keyboard is essential 
>for that.
>It could be relatively easy to add a keyboard if it was simply an added 
>hinged component, i.e. you had much the same shape, but it would be 
>twice as thick (and heavy) for those of us desperate to have keyboards, 
>and it would open on the long side, like the LG9800 or the ROAD phone.
>How do other people feel about this?

Ideally, later versions may be available both with and without
keyboards.  For me, the reason I didn't get a Treo last summer when my
existing PalmOS phone started flaking out was that I couldn't get one
*without* a keyboard, and there was no built-in stylus-based text

In the meantime, if you're serious about typing with this device,

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