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Wil Chung iamwil at
Tue Jan 23 18:14:30 CET 2007

I actually rather like having just the touchscreen.  It means that the
keyboard isn't there when I don't need it when I'm viewing my applications.
I suppose part of the reason is because I still hunt and peck on my cell
phone, so I'm looking at the keypad anyway, so I don't care for tacile feel
of the keyboard.

I think there are ways around it, if that's the only reason people like
having keyboards.  For keyboard users, is it the pain of having to learn
something other than what you're use to?  I imagine if a new computer came
out without a keyboard, I'd probably be somewhat against it too.

I vote for touchscreen interfaces only, and feel that openmoko is going in
the right direction w/ the current design.


On 1/23/07, Mikko Rauhala <mjrauhal at> wrote:
> ti, 2007-01-23 kello 08:37 -0800, quixote kirjoitti:
> > I'm a (future) user, and this phone is what I've been waiting for in
> > so many ways.  Except one.  No option to buy one with a qwerty
> > keyboard.
> >
> > Please, please, please re-think that. [...]
> > How do other people feel about this?
> I feel that it is futile at this point to ask for them to re-think
> nontrivial design issues. What would be less futile is to make it a
> wishlist item for future OpenMoko phones, which I'm pretty sure it is
> already. Hopefully there will, in the future, be enough demand for a
> variety of different models to be economically feasible.
> That said, I'd also like a keyboard. I'll probably buy one, too, since
> the phone does have BT, and there are small BT keyboards on the market.
> (Incidentally, I do hope the default apps take into account that there
> may be a keyboard present in addition to the touchscreen.)
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