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This is really neat idea - I've seen web projects that allow you to
'geotag' real-world objects ( and others), but this is
actually for your own purposes of tracking that item back down.
Perhaps you take a CD/DVD/Video game to a friend's house, or when
you're shopping you want to remember to come back and pick up that
outfit/TV/Equipment when you're by the mall again. Or, sporting event
season ticket seats (really getting to how good accuracy will the AGPS

While LBS mobile apps aren't new, the Neo will be one of the first to
expose the AGPS to client-side developers (besides Nextel, which
inspired Mologogo).

This is what makes it exciting :)

On 1/23/07, Robin Farine <robin.farine at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> On my desktop machine, I like Tellico (a KDE application to manage
> collections) to keep track of some of my stuff. On the Neo, I would
> like something similar, a simple application that manages objects
> consisting of, say, a set of custom properties and possibly with
> some automatic grouping according to filters on properties.
> And the AGPS provides the icing on the cake: a common example
> is "where the heck did I park my car". With this application, the
> happy owner of a Neo would select the object representing his car
> as he leaves it and hit a button to associate the Neo's current
> position in space-time with it. Later, he could just select the car
> object again and ask the Neo to show him the way.
> Robin
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