Some thoughts: "1GB flash hack possible? Or why not shipping 1GB directly?"

Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Jan 23 23:42:33 CET 2007


Just some question and possible answer (I'm no expert):
what will be the difference beween the 64MB NAND Flash memory of the Neo
and 1GB NAND Flash inside a USB memory device I have bought for 12 Euro
like: ?

So in case there will no nice surprice and the Neo1973 will be shipped with 1GB,
will it be possible to hack it ourself to 1GB and have an advice like 
"buy this USB Flash memory...."?

I found no hack with buying an usb flash device for upgrading a phone,
a NSLU2 or a MP3 player - only this:
The link to samsung's pdf isn't working anymore....

On this page they have a Product Portfolio overview
SLC(Small Block) 256,512Mbit and 1Gbit
SLC(Large Block) 1-32Gbit

Hmm 1GB SLC(Small Block) has 63 pins 8.5x15mm
and 1GB SLC(Large Block) has 48 pins 12x17mm

Beside the different Operating Voltage, do I guess right,
that with 12x17mm = 204mm^2 and 8.5x15mm =127.5 size matters
and it the flash chip is a Small Block - and 1GB would be the
maximum for that design that samsung could offer?

So that a hack could only upgrade to 128MB flash?
And that Small Block with 1GBit are not normaly in USB flash devices
and that this chips are much more expensive than 12 Euro?
Ergo it would worth to hack it?

Ah and when the flash will be FPGA like the SoC - there will be no
memory hardware hacking for most of us...

So when there will be no chance for us for hardware hacking the memory,
maybe the restiction has a positive effect:
1. we will concentrate on software hacking 
2. due the limitation we got a motivation to do this efficient 

Does anybody knows more?

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