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Sean Moss-Pultz sean_mosko at
Wed Jan 24 01:35:40 CET 2007

On 1/22/07 5:28 PM, "Milan Votava" <votava at> wrote:

>> Never has this project been about exploiting people. If you ready _any_ of
>> our documents you will find that we're trying to create an open ecosystem
>> for the mobile industry. Sure I hope this will make us money. Otherwise I
>> would have neither A) the credit or B) the financial resources to go on
>> pursuing my dreams.
>> -Sean
> (sorry for my English)
> Don't get me wrong. I like (and share) your idea and I will try to be
> among the first wave of people who will buy the device (if I will be
> allowed after my post ;-) ) and start to develop for it.

Then why claim that I'm trying to exploit people?
> The only problem I have as a developer with the project is it's real
> identity. Today in the time of a 'new' internet economy is becoming
> very common to use communities as a part of a business plan and
> camouflage this step as another open source geeky projects (like the
> ones hosted on sourceforge etc). While I have no problem to invest my
> energy and free time to work on these enthusiastic projects I will
> be(maybe as a only one in this group) more careful to do the same for
> the project where my position will be reduced to become a member of
> an external workforce (from the perspective of you or the company
> behind it) who is not even on a payroll.

I fear that this is getting into a "Free Will" type argument. Nobody's
holding a gun to your head and saying "Develop for OpenMoko or your dead."
What you do with our code is your choice. That's what GPL is all about.
> I don't see anything arrogant on my post and I consider my question
> as a legitimate one in the context of a really open community.

I now understand that English is not your native tongue. Please forgive me
directness, being a foreigner myself, I understand what it's like to use the
wrong words unintentionally ;-)


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