Idea: Desktop wakeup on user proximity

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at
Wed Jan 24 02:42:35 CET 2007

This already does half of what you want:

The problem with this kind of thing is that bluetooth really guzzles the
battery of your phone, especially when the computer sits there pinging
it every few seconds. Activating bluetooth based on the location is a
really smart idea though, but doesn't quite address the knowing when
you've gone away side of things - GPS probably isn't quite accurate
enough to know when you're moving away but are still within sight of the
computer, and you wouldn't want it to only lock your screen once you'd
walked 50m down the road.


Richard Franks wrote:
> So when I walk into my office in the morning my computer wakes the
> monitor and logs in, opens up a browser with slashdot, etc.
> So when I walk towards my house at night, my computer is already cuing
> up some music for me.
> Detection could be via GPS/data connection, but in many workplaces,
> bluetooth detection could be sufficient, plus your Neo only needs to
> start up bluetooth when it already knows that it is close to an
> activation spot.
> Richard
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