Some thoughts: "1GB flash hack possible? Or why not shipping 1GB directly?"

Pierre Hébert pierrox at
Wed Jan 24 09:10:11 CET 2007


On Wednesday 24 January 2007 01:47, Justyn Butler wrote:
> So my answer to your question is: perhaps not from your USB memory
> stick, but you will be able to upgrade the flash chip if you've a
> little experience with surface mount hacking.

You cannot simply replace chips like that. The S3C2410 used in the neo, 
and other devices, is accessing RAM, internal flash and devices through 
memory mapping, with a 32 bits address. It means that the memory layout 
is fixed by design, with well known adresses and sizes. Also keep in 
mind that the bootloader (and probably OS) is stored on the flash, so if 
you remove it, you will get some troubles to boot :-)
The MMC/SD slot is accessed using another peripheral with a different 
management and a different protocol, explaining why you can access more 


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