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Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Jan 24 12:00:31 CET 2007

Salve Eugene!

I'm just a student and normal member on this mailinglist,
so I don't know more than it was written on this list since

On Tue, 23 Jan 2007, Eugene Kozlov wrote:

> Hello
> Can somebody explain
> What is about hardware licensing? Also open source? (shared pcb
> schematics, etc.)

AFAIK is the hardware no open source. But the ICs are today so high
integrated, that the pcb layout isn't the big effort compared with
mobil phone design 10 years ago.

> If there is plans to develop more cheap one to make possibility spread
> this in africa, latin america, china, eastern europe.

Sean and other OpenMoko developer wrote it several time, that the
OpenMoko team and FIC would like to see OpenMoko running on other 
devices, as well. OpenMoko has been presentated as long term strategie
and so the Neo1973 will be just the first stepp.

Ongoing integration of ICs will make the hardware for mobils more and
more smaller and cheaper.

> For me for example mostly interesting simple cell phone with p2p voice
> encryption and i no need other like multimedia features.

Right, I think most of us are not only thinking about multimedia
smartphones for the long term but to start a project, to jump into
an old market "just cheaper" wouldn't work and the Neo1973 will have
much power to attrac to developer, using it as 

smart phone = mobil computer +OpenOS(GNU/Linux) +SDK +GSM/GPRS +AGPS

The Neo1973 has the power to run the PBX asterisk directly on the phone,
so developing concepts of dail management (white/black lists), voice
menues, answering maschine... is more easyer when the device has power
like the Neo1973.

Based on the Neo1973 experiances IMHO it will be possible to reduce
OpenMoko for cheaper, less powerfull phones.

> And if there is somebody to explain on voice encryption module:
> architecture of processing of a voice stream, existing solution and
> thinks... may be some links or datasheets
> Does voice encryption possible on openmoko? (i have read previous posts
> and dont really understand this)

Ok I will try it - in short:
All GSM-crypto-phones (on the market yet) and hacks are using the 
GSM data call (or will use GPRS/UMTS data connections). There is no
way (or no good way) encrypt connections based on GSM voice calls.

This is because you can't do a secure encrypte before an lossy-based
audio encoder like MP3,speex or GSM


The mic is analog conected to the audio IC.
The audio IC is (seriell) controlled by the SoC.
The audio IC is analog connected to the GSM chip.

So with the audio IC you could controll the audio level and could mix it
with additional sound - e.g. you can realise an voice menue on the

The GSM chip will do the GSM audio encryption and all GSM communication.

The GSM chip is (seriell( controlled by the SoC.

You can't do voice encryption with your own allgorithm with GSM phone
calls (Beside every GSM connection has it own GSM encryption).

So you need a Data connection like GPRS or using data calls with 9600
Baud. It isn't shure jet, if the Neo1973 will support this data calls,
but it is very likly. Also I don't know if all GSM provider has the
same tariffs for GSM data calls like for GSM voice calls.

Ok, imagine the Neo1973 would support GSM data calls that we will have
a 9600 kBit/s connection and we could run an audio codec on the SoC
like GSM or speex and shoose any encryption allgorithm that we do like
and what takes not to much CPU power.

The phone that you call must support this encrytion as well,
or it could be connected to a computer. 

I'll going to connect my phone I'm using now to the NSLU2 via RS232,
so I can do encrytped phone calls from home to my Neo. From the NSLU2
I have a VPN to my VoIP ATA of my girl frind. She will call me via
VoIP (true the VPN tunnel) and the NSLU2 will make an encrypted phone
call to my Neo.
I hope she and other will use OpenMoko, too, in the near future.

And In short - all GSM-crypto-phones and hacks are using the GSM data call.

> Does voice encryption possible on openmoko? (i have read previous
> posts  and dont really understand this)

I think it will be possible but this means it has to be developed and
not included in the first shipping ;)


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