idea for Neo 2nd generation: Accelerometer

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> écrit :
> > Hi!
> >
> > Too much trouble...... the phone could get "confused" when you
> > walk/run/jump, or when you are in a car/bus.
> Perhaps, can we use it as a command sets in a context dependent
> comportement.
> For exemple, we use it only if we are in a game or if the phone is
> ringing...

If the command were "shake to phone to answer", I could accidentally
answer the phone while I play with my kids!.  But yes, for a game it
is REALLY good, just imagine a "car racing", in which you move the
phone to turn the car.

You could also use the accelerometer to make the phone became a
"laptop usb mouse", but which doesn't require a surface to work.  I
have been studying accelerometers from Analog Devices, and Freescale
for some time now (yes, they use to give samples!).

Answering another mail:

> You don't need 3 accelerometers to do that - 1 is sufficient. Gravity
> is down, so you can usually use that to detect orientation of the
> device (landscape, upright, upside-down). It would also allow you to
> measure rotations of the device about axes (spinning/shaking).

In fact, you would require at least two in order to detect "rotation
speed", and be able to convert the system into a real "blind
navigation system".  Just think about it, when you launch something,
it just pass by a point where it doesn't "feel" gravity (zero-gravity
point), and at that point the devices wouldn't know if it rotated or
not.... now, where does that can happend: and airplane, or just when
you are running.

Very interesting topic,

Ildefonso Camargo

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