Neo1973 "Car kit" - some pittfalls due laws possible?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Wed Jan 24 13:53:52 CET 2007

* Robert Michel <openmoko at> [070123 17:58]:

> So I haven't found a right source for this, the link hasn't
> an official law text and isn't about the point "general aproval" and
> mobiles without external antenna - it is only about the official
> requirements to free speak systems.

Dementsprechend hat eine Verwendung nicht geprüfter
Freisprecheinrichtungen nicht automatisch ein Erlöschen der ABE zur
Folge. Andererseits kann beim Einsatz nicht geprüfter
elektrischer/elektronischer Bauteile eine negative Beeinflussung auch
nicht generell ausgeschlossen werden. Ob die ABE erlischt, kann
deshalb nicht allgemein beantwortet werden, dies hängt vielmehr vom
konkreten Einzelfall ab.

Basically, that means, it cannot be controlled by the police => it has
to be taken to the TÜV or some comparable institution to assess if
there is a problem.

> So again - at the moment the police react only when people phoning
> without a free speak unit and sometimes when the people using a PDA
> during driving.

But according to the ADAC article, which btw might even make it safe
(because it is a competent explanation of the law, which might make it
safe to hide behind the concept "I didn't know that it's forbidden"),
it's only forbidden to take the PDA/phone into your hand. It's quite
ok to use it if it's mounted in some bracket.

> This is a general ban we have life with - I could imagine a touch
> GUI on a Neo1973 which to use would be more safe than using normal 
> car radios.... but there is the general ban (thanks to the unsafe
> GUI of normal phones.. and PDAs....)
> But to be precice - it is still allowed in Germany to use a PDA 
> during driving with your fingers - but not a PDA with a GSM module 
> - even when the PDA with GSM module is used only for navigation 
> or music entertainment.

Source of that assertion? The ADAC article talks about taking the device into
your hand. It's ok if you have to press buttons or it is voice


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