Neo1973 "Car kit" - some pittfalls due laws possible?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Jan 24 13:57:40 CET 2007

Salve Andreas!

Andreas Kostyrka schrieb am Mittwoch, den 24. Januar 2007 um 13:48h:

> > Robert Michel writes:
> > >
> > >Since last Dezember it is forbidden for the driver to touch a PDA/mobil
> Ok, I think that's a case of wrong translation. It's forbidden to
> pickup the phone. you are quite allowed to touch the phone, explicitly:
NO, please read:

There was a court decision that it is forbidded for a driver
to touch a PDA during driving, when this device just have
a GSM module. It isn't counting if he is touching it for
phoning or other interests like MP3 player.

Touching a PDA without GSM module isn't touchted by this 
court decision.

> D: Wenn das Handy im Fahrzeug fest installiert ist und zur Bedienung
> D: nicht in die Hand genommen werden muss, es beispielsweise mittels
> D: Sprachsteuerung oder Tastendruck bedient werden kann, ist eine
> D: Benutzung während der Fahrt weiterhin gestattet.
> E: If the mobile is installed in the car, and one doesn't need to take
> E: into the hand to use it, e.g. voice control or button control, the
> E: usage while driving is allowed.

Right - with voice control you don't need to touch it.
This court decision from Dezember changed things a little bit.

Most of the Neo1973s will not be "installed in the car".

> Headset and freespeaker need a special "e"-symbol certification. OTOH,
> the "allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis" is not voided automatically despite
> other reports from television.
> As these rules, especially the EMV ones (about the "e"-symbol) are
> derived from European legal guidelines, I'd expect that they'll apply
> the same in the whole EU.
> Interestingly, the complete article from ADAC does not mention
> anything about external antennas being needed.

I know - I haven't found a source again for this - but I've found
this on a page last Dezember...


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