Neo1973 "Car kit" - some pittfalls due laws possible?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Wed Jan 24 14:58:53 CET 2007

* Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at> [070124 14:52]:
> I'm not a lawyer, but if you read the ticker, the OLG just found that
> a PDA with a GSM module is to be treated as a mobile. Now, the Adac
> article claims that it's ok to use a mobile, if you don't have to pick
> it up. E.g. buttons and voice control are named as an example for
> allowed interactions.

To cite the law:
D: (1a) Dem Fahrzeugführer ist die Benutzung eines Mobil- oder
D: Autotelefons untersagt, wenn er hierfür das Mobiltelefon oder den
D: Hörer des Autotelefons aufnimmt oder hält. 

The driver is forbidden the usage of a mobile or car phone, if he
picks up or holds the mobile or car phone ear piece.

Nothing in the court finding, nor in the law talks about touching a


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