hack idea: USB flash memory drive modification- +battery +small usb jack

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Wed Jan 24 15:14:57 CET 2007


ok, foget my capacitor idea... the capacitor would not
have much power after some hours - and charging it every
day would be ....

Robert Michel schrieb am Mittwoch, den 24. Januar 2007 um 13:28h:
> the Neo1973 has an unpowered small size USB port.
> So for beening on the road, it could be nice to be
> able to use a USB flash drive directly.
> Our first idea was to hack the Neo1973 and give
> some power to the port. 
> Another idea would to solder some capacitor into the 
> memory drive, maybe with a small swith.

Small battry will fit, cost 0.50-1 Euro  and will
give up to 70 mA (with two)

> Power consumption during operating max 35 mA
Wait the controller and the rest will also consume some
the Chipsbank CBM2080 will consume up to 29,5 mA with 
USB 1.1 so with a battery hack the USB memory device 
would be usabel for reading/writing for about 1h
- only neccessary on the road without an USB powered
swith - so that would be enought for some weeks/month....

What will be the advantage to use this hack instead of using 
another microSD card?

-you can borrow this usb memory drive to somebody who have
 no card reader
-you can do backups of important data on the road without
 removing the battery (and reboot your Neo)
-the hack is cheap and easy


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