Neo1973 "Car kit" - some pittfalls due laws possible?

Robert Michel openmoko at
Wed Jan 24 15:32:29 CET 2007

Salve Andreas!

Andreas Kostyrka schrieb am Mittwoch, den 24. Januar 2007 um 14:49h:

> * Robert Michel <openmoko at> [070124 14:01]:
> > Salve Andreas!
> > 
> > Andreas Kostyrka schrieb am Mittwoch, den 24. Januar 2007 um 13:48h:
> > 
> > > > Robert Michel writes:
> > > > >
> > > > >Since last Dezember it is forbidden for the driver to touch a PDA/mobil
> > > 
> > > Ok, I think that's a case of wrong translation. It's forbidden to
> > > pickup the phone. you are quite allowed to touch the phone, explicitly:
> I'm not a lawyer, but if you read the ticker, the OLG just found that
> a PDA with a GSM module is to be treated as a mobile.

It's not if I read the ticker, I has read the ticker and gave this
link to an articel from 2006-12-04

> Now, the Adac
> article claims that it's ok to use a mobile, if you don't have to pick
> it up. E.g. buttons and voice control are named as an example for
> allowed interactions.

The ADAC is not the law instance in Germany and when you look into
the source of the page of the ADAC:
<!-- Publishing Time Stamp: 02.06.2006 11:17:56-->

The curt dicision from December is new and extend the older
interpretation of the German Handy-law - the ADAC page is outdated
in this point

> > NO, please read:
> >

> > Right - with voice control you don't need to touch it.
> > This court decision from Dezember changed things a little bit.
> It talks about working with a PDA. Not touching.

The court law is about not touching a PDA or phone with a
GSM module.

> > Most of the Neo1973s will not be "installed in the car".
> But the car kit will come with a cradle. :)

This is not counting as "durable installed in a car"

> > I know - I haven't found a source again for this - but I've found
> > this on a page last Dezember...
> Technically speaking, the ADAC also mentions that other media claims
> faulty that the ABE is voided. Sorry, Adac is probably one of the
> best source for German rules concerning cars/driving.

Yes, but they doing lobbing for the car drivers - so when there is 
a pittfall intow today law, that the gererall aproval expires when
a GSM mobil is used insinde without an external antenna - the ADAC
wouldn't publish this on that page - it would harm may ADAC members
when the police starts controlling this.

So I just gave the hint that "no external antenna" is no thechnicaly
problem, but it could maybe by given law becomming a pittfall.
A small connector for an external antenna - or asking some
real experts (not ADAC) would help.


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