Several suggestions/observations/questions... I think that I may be too late, but....

Jose Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa ildefonso.camargo at
Wed Jan 24 16:20:47 CET 2007

Hi, again.

I almost forgot a really important suggestion/worry:

The Agenda VR3 had a MAJOR issue with the case: it was too fragile.
This is a phone, it WILL be dropped SEVERAL TIMES, so you need to make
sure it survives.  Yes, that goes for the screen too.  It is very
important, I wouldn't like to pay US$350 for something, and then have
it death at my first drop (I use to drop phones a lot).

Keep up the good work!

Ildefonso Camargo

On 1/24/07, Jose Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa <ildefonso.camargo at> wrote:
> Hi!
> On 1/24/07, Alessandro Iurlano <alessandro.iurlano at> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > 3. Ok, I will grant the "wifi" issue to "low power"... but, why not
> > > EDGE?, why just GPRS?... I think I know the answer: price, but: is the
> > > difference so large?.
> > >
> > >
> >
> > I think that the first generation Neo won't have WiFi support because the
> > developer could not find a chip whose vendor would allow GPL drivers.
> Sorry, I wrote that last night, I was asleep :P ... yes: low power
> wifi chipset with GPL driver.  I'll make a research in my free time,
> and see if I can help on it.
> >
> > Bye,
> > Alessandro
> >

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