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Wed Jan 24 17:48:44 CET 2007

The other major problem - if FIC made a CDMA OpenMoko phone, Verizon
would have to explicitly allow it's use, which would probably not
happen.  Verizon has a tight level of control over phones - they will
have their own UI installed and Bluetooth file transfers etc turned

Simply, Verizon['s phones] is/are the anthesis of OpenMoko.

- Chad

OBiPhone:  Given how tightly Steve's controlling the iPhone he might
as well have dealt with Verizon ;)

On 1/24/07, mark at <mark at> wrote:
> Just wanted to see if anyone knows whether or not the OpenMoko phone would
> work with Verizon?  I have attempted to research what protocols Verizon
> supports, and it appears that they use EVDO and CDMA, technology which
> isn't supported on this phone.  I was highly excited about the product
> until it seemed that I couldn't use it on my carrier.  I don't really want
> to have to change carriers to use the openmoko phone.
> Any info would be helpful, thanks!
> -Mark
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