GNU discussion (was re:Free your phone)

Declan Naughton piratepenguin at
Wed Jan 24 18:51:59 CET 2007

On 1/24/07, David Schlesinger <david.schlesinger at> wrote:
> Better still, tell you what: since you're all about the "ethics" here, go
> and get the folks at "GNU" to change the name of their system to "GNU/Mach"
> and _then_ come back to talk to _us_.

I might ask about that alright.

> Why don't you harass the Ubuntu folks with this, hm?

Maybe we're not that involved or interested in Ubuntu development?
We're on the OpenMoko community list, we wanna discuss this.

Awaiting Sean's reply to Crossland...

> It's got nothing to do with "ethics": it has to do with someone's obsessive
> [snip] need to get the "credit" he feels he "deserves" but has been
> "cheated" out of by common parlance.

Yeah, because Richard Stallman CLEARLY does not give any sorta crap
about software freedom at all.

Declan Naughton

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