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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Wed Jan 24 19:49:00 CET 2007

ke, 2007-01-24 kello 18:16 +0000, Al Johnson kirjoitti:
> Getting a flash-capable browser will be another problem entirely...

In the context of getting video off of youtube or some other video
sites, eg. offers a service that deciphers the .flv (or what
have you) URL from the main site, and offers the video URL for download.
I'm not sure if they're safe from litigation on the long run, but at
least safer than the recoders, since they don't copy the content itself
at all. Also, is not the only one, and there are actually
more or less working local scripts to do the same service available on
the net.

Then you just need a local player for the flv (or what-have-you), and
enough horsepower to play the vid. They tend to be pretty low-res
though, perhaps that'll help with the resource requirements...

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