When Good Agendas Turn Bad - Linux/GNU, etc

Richard Franks richard.franks at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Wed Jan 24 19:59:58 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-24 at 18:19 +0000, Declan Naughton wrote:
> On 1/24/07, Richard Franks <richard.franks at drdc-rddc.gc.ca> wrote:
> > How about we let our Agenda be the cool technology and innovation
> > instead?
> So freedom has nothing to do with it?
> I wouldn't be too surprised. I read some nice stuff from Sean alright,
> but IF you just wrote an apt description of "our Agenda", it would
> seem, as isn't unusual, that freedom is offered only such that it
> helps towards "cool technology and innovation". At that, naturally,
> this wouldn't be a great place to suggest using GNU/Linux instead of
> Linux (and I for one wouldn't be too slow to drop it :) .

I have my own opinions about freedom, which I'd be more than happy to
engage in via personal email.

But I didn't join this list to talk about freedom, I joined this list to
talk about interesting technology and innovation.

Your Agenda is as relevant in this context, as a discussion about gay
marriage, religion or abortion.

Signal or Noise - it's your choice.

If this were a community designed for debating "Freedom according to the
FSF", then all would be good.. but I see this continual Agenda pushing
as destructive to the community.

The "Free Your Phone" post was perhaps the most interesting announcement
we've had yet - Sean thinks we're going to be building the foundation
for Ubiquitous Computing - I think he's right, but this positive message
was completely overshadowed by an external Agenda and childish


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