Free This Mailing List!

David Ford david at
Wed Jan 24 21:05:29 CET 2007

Please do not personally CC: me on this silly thread. I am subscribed to 
the list.

I don't wish to continue this ludicrous debate because the agenda 
pushing doesn't belong on this list and there's no point to it when 
"free software" is "only the idea of free software as established by GNU 
in 1984".

Those of you that threaten to unsubscribe from the list because others 
of us choose not to follow your religion or keep debating.. feel free, 
don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I find it quite amusing that the most intent agenda pushers of "freedom" 
are those making requirements.  I.e. you must call everything GNU/Linux.

I have my opinions about GNU.  Contrary to some people's ideas, I don't 
hate GNU nor am I a rabid anti-GNU advocate.  I have written and 
distributed -free software- since before GNU existed.  It really was 
free software regardless of some people's idea that GNU created the 
concept of free software.  Yes, farmers 500 years ago were organic 
farmers.  Oranges that grew on trees 200 years ago were still oranges 
even though a company named Del Monte hadn't come by to market this 
nifty yummy food yet.  Oranges still grow on Orange trees and while Del 
still sells billions of cans of oranges in both light and heavy syrup, I 
prefer to get oranges right off the orange tree.

No, it's not misleading to refer to 1800AD Oranges as ... Oranges.

So please, leave me off of the CC: list, I'm enjoying my oranges.



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