When Good Agendas Turn Bad - Linux/GNU, etc

"Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik" ruskie at mages.ath.cx
Wed Jan 24 21:14:59 CET 2007

Here is my reason for using the term "GNU/Linux".

It's fair to both the Linux developers and to the GNU project.

Why is it fair?

Well so far I have yet to see either a Linux userland or a
GNU kernel so it's a MIXED environment and should be treated
like that.

There are also other MIXED environments like:
GNU/kFreeBSD to signify that it's GNU userland and FreeBSD kernel.

It's NOT simply called FreeBSD or GNU.

One of the reasons I like Free software is also that even though we work
in near complete anarchy we still don't go and kill each other while the
rest of the world tries to do that each and every day.

Yes I agree with RMS. You could call me a zealot but personaly we can
find a better solution around this. One without threaths and so forth.

Yes it would be nice to have it properly labeled but the sales people in
any stores will simply drop GNU/Linux in favour of Linux(yes I've been
correcting those whenever I've heard them) so why not simply give both
projects credit where credit is due.

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