Map software and proprietary data.

Dominik Smogór dsmogor at
Wed Jan 24 22:33:10 CET 2007

Having gps and highres screen on board suggets that the phone is well poised
for standalone GPS nav devices.
This alone makes it worth buying, what troubles me however is whether/when
there will be a quality vector map software available for it.
Is FIC in talks with some company now? I'm sure that OSS devs will put a
fervent effort to write/adopt a free replacement and I'm sure they (we, If I
manage to get some time off) will succeed, but it's the data that matters
and I don't know of a resource of quality data that is public domain, esp.
outside of most urbanized areas of USA/Western Europe.
Getting data through GPRS could be a solution, but a largely suboptimal one
from the cost standpoint.

are you going to ship worldwide, will the phones be available directly in
TaiPei area?
Best regards and keep the spirit high,
Dominik Smogór.
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