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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Wed Jan 24 22:37:04 CET 2007

ke, 2007-01-24 kello 15:05 -0500, David Ford kirjoitti:
> I don't wish to continue this ludicrous debate [...]
> Those of you that threaten to unsubscribe from the list because others 
> of us choose not to follow your religion or keep debating.

First of all, if you're too emotional to see that what you're doing
here, calling the opposing viewpoint a religion, which is blatantly
untrue, amounts to simple trolling for more of the same despite your
stated wishes that this (two-sided) tirade stops, you shouldn't have
posted at all.

Neither side is religious. Some points about possible fanaticism may be
made about proponents of both sides, but fanaticism is hardly the sole
domain of religions. Also, both viewpoints may well be held
nonfanatically, though I do find that the more emotional stance tends to
be the counter-reaction to GNU/Linux (ie. the hissy fits that some
people throw when somebody mentions their opinion that the GNU/Linux
moniker should be used). This is a symptom of irrationality and
fanaticism, though of course not the only one, and emotionality alone
does not necessarily fanaticism make. (Also, I'm not pointing fingers at
anyone particularly; in fact, I don't recall very exactly who has been
saying what during this conversation, and don't really care to check.)

1) GNU/Linux is a fair and descriptive term for Linux systems that _do_
use the GNU libs and toolchain, even if alternatives exist (which they
do, to _both_ GNU and Linux). The rest of the components (X11, DEs etc.)
are clearly less essential in making a _functional_ (though bare)
operating system.
2) It's not worth making a war over.
3) The discussion may have been fruitful at start in making the
subscribers to this list aware of the issue, but that phase has long
gone. Instead of continually posting more inflammatory material (like
the quote above, though I don't mean to single it out, it's not the only
one of its kind), a more productive stance would be simply _not to post
anymore_ to this thread, even if the "other side" gets the last word.
(Note that I'm directing this generically to the list, and not
spesifically at David here, just that his happened to be the comment I
finally decided to throw in my figurative two cents.)

This will be my only comment to this thread. If you wish a reply from me
to something, mail privately _only_.


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