How to get involved (HELP!!!)

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Wed Jan 24 22:54:45 CET 2007

The same temporary wiki will be the place for all things until the official
wiki is available. There are no sample application yet (at least not when I
last looked), so you can be the first!

We could also use simple step-by-step instructions for setting up the
envirnment, rather than just the pointer to OpenEmbedded. If you take notes
while you do it, that would be a great starting point.


On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Jonathon Suggs wrote:

> Thanks and will do...working on getting OpenEmbedded installed as we
> speak/type.
> One question though.  Is there any collaborative place for apps right
> now?  Or is it pretty much every man for himself until they release the
> source?  Meaning, say I start on a simple app, but want feedback.  Do I
> need to create a project (sourceforge, etc) or is there a specific place
> for OpenMoko software?
> michael at wrote:
>> Jonathan,
>> If you visit the wiki that Marc refers to, you will find entries for
>> the build
>> enviroment and emulators, so you can start writing, compiling, and
>> testing
>> simple programs.
>> M
>> On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Marc Verwerft wrote:
>>> Jonathan,
>>> Things are gonna stay this way till OpenMoko opens up their
>>> website/wiki/bugzilla etc.
>>> See also
>>> All we have are the basic hardware description and some hints on the
>>> software. The rest is guesswork for now.
>>> Till then your best source is the temporary wiki at
>>> Regards,
>>> Marc.
>>> On 1/24/07, Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at> wrote:
>>>>  I'm a computer engineer and want to get involved.  All I'm seeing
>>>> coming
>>>>  across this mailing list is feature requests, basic inquiries,
>>>> etc.  Is
>>>>  there another list that is focused more on the development side of
>>>> things?
>>>>  I'm a little lost on how this project is structured.  Can someone
>>>> please
>>>>  either respond back to this list or email me at jsuggs at with
>>>>  more info.
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