Need info on AGPS

Marc Verwerft marc.js.verwerft at
Wed Jan 24 23:09:51 CET 2007


I've been reading on this lists for some time now and saw that there are
quite intelligent people here ;-)
I am not very up to date in my knowledge of GPS. Can somebody answer me a
couple of quick questions?

   1. Has anybody here ever used AGPS? I'd like to hear your experiences.
   2. The chip in the Neo1973 is a Global Locate AGPS. Anybody know what
   type? Hammerhead maybe?
   3. I understand the concept of assisted GPS. But does the phone have
   it's own antenna/receiver so that it can work without 'assistance'? That's
   not really clear to me.
   4. Has anybody info on the whereabouts of assistance servers,
   especially in Belgium and Europe?
   5. Using the assistance servers will probably mean that I will have to
   pay for that service. Any idea of the costs?


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