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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Wed Jan 24 23:22:28 CET 2007

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 21:05, David Ford wrote:
> Please do not personally CC: me on this silly thread. I am subscribed to
> the list.

I think this is a problem for people using Outlook or Gmail, that don't seem 
to handle mailing lists very well, so where most people can just 
click 'reply' or 'reply Mailinglist'  they have to click 'reply all', or the 
reply is only sent to the previous sender, and not to the list at all.

I was also getting irritated by this, until I remembered that this was a 
typical side effect of sourceforge-type lists that didn't have reply munging 

If I'm wrong, and people are doing this on purpose, then I agree it is very 
annoying, so please stop.


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