request for openmoko-devel list

Corey corey at
Wed Jan 24 23:42:39 CET 2007

I'm more than certain that the OpenMoko crew is extremely busy with many
important efforts right now, but it should be a very simple task to open a
new mailing list. Doing so - sooner than later - would be hugely beneficial
in the immediate sense, as it would diversify the list traffic so that there 
will be a place for strictly development-oriented communications, and 
another ( this one ) for blue-sky/general/noisy community-oriented

However, if a new mailing-list is not possible at this time, then patience
will be required from those subscribers who may be tired of what they
may consider to be too high a signal-to-noise ratio -- remember that this
is only a temporary situation, and to please put the appropropriate 
features of your email client to good use, namely filtering and thread

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