Map software and proprietary data.

Dave Crossland dave at
Thu Jan 25 00:24:19 CET 2007

On 24/01/07, Dominik Smogór <dsmogor at> wrote:
> Is FIC in talks with some company now? I'm sure that OSS devs will put a
> fervent effort to write/adopt a free replacement and I'm sure they (we, If I
> manage to get some time off) will succeed, but it's the data that matters
> and I don't know of a resource of quality data that is public domain, esp.
> outside of most urbanized areas of USA/Western Europe.
> Getting data through GPRS could be a solution, but a largely suboptimal one
> from the cost standpoint.

The software that is powering the USA/W.European public mapping
efforts - - is free software, afaik, and
I know of no reason why  you in your part of the world cannot join
these efforts :-)

I thought this animation of the european coverage growing was beautiful:


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