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David Ford david at blue-labs.org
Thu Jan 25 01:20:53 CET 2007

I don't want to keep this on this list too long unless people are 
interested in the conversation.

I want gui a) because i can, and b) because i intend to have onboard 
display of things such as integrating GPS w/ google maps for location 
and directions.

This is also a testbed project for further development for my volunteer 
fire department.  Onboard address mapping, database information on 
incident address and immediate hazardous material references onboard.  
It's also a precursor to electronic incident reporting in the field v.s. 
pen & paper reports after returning to station  It doesn't have to be 
SOC, it can be a non-discrete unit but should remain semi thin and 
small.  The current ~2inch square devices are quite appealing.

It does need to be powerful enough to drive a simple X11 display with 
some typical Linux software installed.  A standard 2.5" laptop harddrive 
is entirely sufficient.  I'm not sure I want to use a USB or flash 
devices as the boot/operating drive yet - I could be swayed.  A base 
Linux distro like damn-small-linux is a great reference.


Brandon Price wrote:
> How embedded did you want to go. You mentioned wanting a gui; is there 
> a reason there? If you don't absolutely need the gui then look into 
> something like a soekris board such as that used in the stompbox 
> (google it), or if you NEED a gui maybe you should look into something 
> like a mini itx box booting from a compact flash card. If I knew more 
> about your project I could tell you more.
> On Jan 24, 2007, at 7:06 PM, David Ford wrote:
>> really off topic ... i'm looking for a full featured embedded system 
>> to install in my car and truck.  i.e. run linux shell+gui onboard and 
>> have wifi + gsm network etc.
>> any recommendations for products, or pitfalls of some products for this?
>> thank you,
>> david
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