OMG wiki license

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Thu Jan 25 13:19:11 CET 2007

* Aloril <aloril at> [070125 08:33]:
> As subject implies I have proposal I fear might lead to long flamewar. I
> hope I'm wrong.
> Given these assumptions/facts:
> 1) We want to copy stuff from unofficial wiki to official wiki when it
> becomes available.
> 2) Unofficial wiki doesn't have any copyright statement
> 1) looks legally problematic given 2)

Even simpler proposal, because your's has the problem that it's
problematic to track who has given permission for what. Just let the
people who submitted it first move it to the official wiki.

This mailing list feels to much like a collection of hobby lawyers
nitpicking in the last weeks. (I admit that I happen to nitpick from
time to time too.)


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