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Michele Manzato michele.manzato at verona.miz.it
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Some additional questions on this subject:

1. Is there any "A-GPS standard" whatsoever?
2. I have heard elsewhere (Wikipedia) that in A-GPS the computation effort
is shared between the device and the A-GPS Server. According to a previous
post, the device just downloads the ephemeris table so there isn't any
actual "computation sharing", but rather a download of a pre-computed table
download. Correct?
3. A-GPS involves additional data traffic and thus (potential) additional
costs. Does it use a normal GSM/GPRS IP-based data transfer? does it use
some out-of-band GSM/GPRS control messages? or does it get data from
broadcasts in the local cell (e.g. GSM cell-broadcast)?
4. if the answer to above is GPRS: is it possible to estimate in advance how
much additional traffic (in Kbytes/day of full operation)?
5. Are there any known estimations on the overall (A)GPS performance on the
Neo (esp. fix time)
6. Coming to the Neo1973. In order to save costs, can the "Assisted"
function in A-GPS be disabled through software API?
7. Is it possible to tell whether A-GPS is actually in use or not?
8. Is it possible to tell/know which is the A-GPS server currently in use?

I realise that 1..6 of the above are indeed general questions about A-GPS
technology, not really specific to the Neo or to OpenMoko. Sorry it I sound
a bit off-topic, but I did not find them answered plainly anywhere.
Reference links would be great.

Many thanks in advance!

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Marc Verwerft wrote:
>The chip in the Neo1973 is a Global Locate AGPS. Anybody know what type?
Hammerhead maybe?

I think Sean already confirmed that it is indeed the Hammerhead chipset.


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