Neo1973: Mobile Phone or Mobile Computer?

Dave Crossland dave at
Thu Jan 25 15:44:36 CET 2007

On 25/01/07, Shu Hung (Koala) <koalay at> wrote:
> I understand this GNU rational for the phone. But I would suggest OpenMoko
> to take a more welcoming approach like Ubuntu do. If we have an apt-get like
> application management system, we may have OpenMoko a FOSS default install
> while allowing users to install proprietary software through 3rd party
> respo.

I apologies for misunderstanding your original message.

I suggest OpenMoko take a more principled approach like Fedora do, to
only include Free Software in the official repositories.

3rd party repositories are inevitable, and there are no shortage of
popular 3rd party repositories that supply proprietary software
packaged for Fedora.

Ubuntu unfortunately _does_ supply proprietary software in its
official repositories :-(

> P.S. May I ask one thing: Does application runs on i386 runs on OpenMoko
> with the same binary?

No, because the processor is a different architecture.


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